We Serve All Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana

Light Duty
There are several conditions when you may need our winching services. Whatever the condition, the day, the time…Superior Towing has specially trained operators to fit your needs. Whether you back out of your driveway in the winter and one of your wheel’s land into the ditch or you drive over a landscape rock covered in snow or maybe it’s raining and you slide off the road onto a wet muddy shoulder and can’t get traction. You want trained operators to come to the rescue. You don’t want just anyone pulling on your car. You may need special equipment or someone that knows how to calculate grade and resistance and knowledge of changing the angle of the pulling direction of the cable using winch blocks.

Maybe you have an all-wheel drive vehicle with no keys and your stuck into your garage. You don’t want someone dragging your new car with wheels skidding and leaving marks on your fresh driveway. Superior Towing uses state of the art equipment and operators specially trained for these circumstances.

Medium-Heavy Duty
You’re driving your loaded medium/heavy truck and slide off the road or even worse, you roll it over. Superior Towing has specially trained Master Towers/Heavy Duty Recovery Specialists waiting for your call. NO JOB IS TOO BIG OR SMALL….SUPERIOR DOES IT ALL!!!